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Every cyclist craves speed. With Get Fast!, you have Bicycling magazine’s trusted authority on training, racing, and weight loss, Selene Yeager, showing you how. You’ll be privy to Selene’s own speed secrets, as well as the latest performance strength, fuel, and gear insights from the world’s top trainers, nutritionists, physiologists, and aerodynamic authorities. Pedal stroke by pedal stroke and breath by breath, you’ll discover how to:

Boost your speed instantly
Clip those chicken wings: Pulling your elbows close to your body can shave your wind resistance enough to increase your speed 1/2 mile per hour faster, without working any harder. Plus get 19 other ways to easily go faster on your next ride!

Fuel up for a hard and short ride. But find out exactly when to eat it on page 133.Upgrade your fuel
Get a taste—literally—for speed. And don’t worry, pasta is on the Get Fast! menu. In Get Fast!, you’ll find easy-to-digest tips on what to eat and when to eat it so you hit your macronutrient carb-protein-fat targets for both performance and weight loss. From daily and weekly menus to carb and protein finders, this is truly fast fuel. BONUS: Supplemental Speed–3 legal performance enhancers that elite riders swear by.
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Tweak your setup
A higher bar height will open up your torso-to-hip angleThe überpro setup with the handlebars 8 inches below your saddle is impressive in the bike rack at the café. But unless you’re racing for 3 weeks in France each July, you likely don’t have the flexibility to ride that kind of drop. A higher bar height will open up your torso-to-hip angle, giving you more room to breathe and less neck and back pain, so you can ride faster and longer. Just dropping your bars this much below the top of the saddle will help you ride faster. Lowering your riding position can save you 3 to 5 minutes in a 24-mile time trial, according to training guru Allen Lim, PhD.

Get Fast! delivers! This is the first no BS compendium of highly effective training science and proven methodology. Selene Yeager gets on with the point quick and gives the reader the tools to improve today with the inside skinny on the tricks of pros and the nuggets of cutting-edge sports science without all the fluff. This entertaining and well-thought-out book is certain to impact your performance immediately. I wish there were a book like this when I started racing!

—Jeremiah Bishop,
Two-Time USA National Mountain Bike Champion

Increase your power-to-weight ratio
Solve this two-sided equation with the exclusive explosive Get Fast! core plan, plyo workout, and ideal body weight calculator. The best news: The fully illustrated workouts require only 15 minutes and your muscles will respond after the first session, according to Stuart Phillips, PhD, a professor at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario.

Get Fast! taps into your powerful turbo!Breathe better to squeeze out more speed
Heart rate training and power-meter protocols are sure to pump up your need for speed. You’ll also find four exclusive training plans from James Herrara, founder of Performance Driven Coaching, to help you hill climb, time trial, crit race, and century ride faster than you have before!

PLUS, Get Fast! taps into your powerful turbo: your brain. The latest neuroscience reveals mind over muscle is for real. Flex your mental strength and use Chinese breathing techniques to squeeze out more speed.

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